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Don’t name your wifi network after a bomb when traveling. Just a suggestion.

I read an interesting story yesterday, with one of those “well, duh!” morals. According to Fox News a flight made an emergency diversion last week when crew discovered a mobile wifi network called “Bomb on board.” The Turkish Airways flight from Nairobi to Instanbul made an emergency landing in Khartoum, Sudan, and the 100 passengers…

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Protecting yourself from airline shadiness

A few weeks ago I read that the Department of Justice is subpoenaing some of the major airlines (Southwest, Delta, American, and United) for manipulating capacity which in turn keeps ticket prices high.  Now the Department of Transportation is investigating five major airlines (Southwest, Delta, American, United, & JetBlue) about the possibility that they price…

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Business travel news roundup

Here are the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so…. It surprises me that there were more bags lots but fewer complaints.  Airlines Got Fewer Complaints But Bungled More Bags, from NBC News. (They also tell you what the world’s best airport is!) Does your airline owe you money? USA Today…

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Are Elites Losing Perks?

There’s a recent article from the New York Times titled “Have Elite Fliers Been Downgraded?” Even before reading the article, just seeing the title had me nodding my head. Yes, absolutely yes, in my experience, the elite experience is being diluted regularly. The article states because there are more Elites, perks previously available only to…

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How to fix an airplane?

What is the deal with minor maintenance issues taking forever to deal with lately? In the last two weeks the Home Warrior and I have been on two flights that were delayed significantly because of a simple fix. And I’m not talking, like, cracks in the fuselage. I’m talking about teeny-tiny stuff. For example, the…

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Sell me your airline

I have been flying American for years. The flights are convenient, the points program has been decent, and my company prefers them. In years past, I would get upgraded more often than not, have direct flights, could easily fly standby, and redeem points for vacations on a regular basis. But for the past six to…

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