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What was going on this time in years past? 2014 Please, for the love of all things, keep your phone conversations out of the loo. Travel etiquette tip: Don’t talk on your phone in a public restroom. Clutzy? Prone to spills? I feel you. Protect your keyboard! We discussed how people feel about kids watching videos without…

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Choosing a business travel hotel

When traveling for business choosing a hotel can be one of the most important decisions.  Making the wrong choice can wreak havoc on your entire trip.  However, by spending a little extra time thinking through your decision you can maximize the benefits of staying in the right place. Distance from airport and office.  The first…

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No respect for the points

Have you ever had this conversation with a spouse or loved one? Them: “You have hundreds of thousands of points! You should use them for our hotel/flight/gift certificate/etc. Isn’t that what they’re there for?” You: “Actually, I have a specific use in mind for them. We are going to book an amazing trip using a…

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Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk Review

After 18 months of research, Hyatt has recently come out with a new array of offerings geared toward the frequent traveler. The new features are tailored to guests’ individual preferences, and include a service providing frequently forgotten items, healthy new menu options, and upgraded bath amenities. Hyatt recently invited me to be their guest at…

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