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A new way to make packing easier?

Last week, I talked about the cool new travel adapter I found in TravelSmith’s recent catalog. Well, I found another interesting item as well.  These “small shelves to go” hang in your closet, you fill them up with your clothes etc, they will collapse into your suitcase, then you hang them up at your destination.…

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2011 Road Warriorette Gift Guide

This is one of my favorite posts to do all year. I get to spend time searching the internet for the most fun, interesting, and useful gifts. And boy did I find some! Bring on the shopping. Flight Comfort The Cabin Cuddler is a great gift for anyone who travels long distances! It’s super warm…

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Hooray for Multi-taskers

In the business world, we are required to multi-task all the time. Answer email while on a conference call. Finish a report while talking to a customer. Well, in travel the more multi-taskers you’ve got, the less you have to pack. And the less you have to pack, the easier it is to get around.…

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