Review: Skyroll Spinner


If you’ve been a frequent traveler for a while, you’ve probably heard of Skyroll.  They make luggage designed for people who travel with suits or other clothing that needs to be hung. Traditional suit hanging or folding compartments in the interior of a suitcase lead to creases and wrinkles. Skyroll was the first to actually…

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5 things I leave in my suitcase


During my really busy travel periods (like right now!) managing my packing list is so much easier if I leave a few things in my suitcase or travel purse all the time. While it does mean I have duplicates of some items the convenience is well worth it. Another reason–I have forgotten things too often, and…

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Packing strategies for temperature extremes during business travel

One dress two ways gray

Frequent business travelers often visit two cities on the same trip. During much of the year, this means they are visiting two separate climates and must pack accordingly. I’ve talked a lot about strategies for packing for multiple climates, as well as sample wardrobes for various times of the year. But what about when you’re…

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Packing cubes FAQs

Packing cube full

A few weeks ago a friend and I were talking about her upcoming  business travel. “You always talk about packing cubes!” she said. “What’s the deal? Are they really  that awesome?” And thirty minutes later when I was still espousing the wonders of packing cubes she may have been sorry she asked….. Here are the…

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