Only in Vegas

the bees

It was a flight like any other.  I gaze out the window at the beautiful desert landscape.  The captain comes on with our weather: “Bright and sunny day in Las Vegas today with a temperature of ninety eight degrees. Enjoy the temps under a hundred while you can!”  I put my laptop away and brace…

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Jim Cantore wards off ambush

I admit it: I have a huge crush on Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. He is always in control, no matter how nuts the weather around him is. The Home Warrior and I are weather junkies, and will often watch coverage of weather events happening around the world. A few years ago while watching…

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Crazy travel photo: Birds!!


Over New Years, we went to Dallas. The DFW Metro area is big, so between dinners, shopping, and family, we did a ton of driving around. At one point, we were at a stoplight, and realized that there were thousands of birds all around us. It was crazy! Readers, have you seen freaky nature-related things…

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Crossing the line……again

Oh dear. TSA is a never ending source of, “Seriously???” moments. In the last year, stories ranging from hilarious to horrifying have appeared, and now the agency famous for its comedy of errors has struck again. According to CNN, a TSA agent found a, shall we say, “personal item” in the luggage of a traveler.…

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