Quick Packing Tip

Whenever I am trying to decide what to bring with me for business trip, I have to stifle the urge to over pack. But I LOVE that shirt! I will think. I should bring it in case I get a chance to wear it. Or, I know! I should bribr-suit1ng that red jacket. Even though it only goes with one thing, and takes up a lot of room, I should bring it. Sigh. Packing is often an exercise in self-control for me. Of course, remembering that if I pack too much I will have to check my suitcase, which adds almost an hour each way, usually helps me restrain myself.

The best way to pack for a trip is to bring along pants or skirts that are in a similar color and therefore go with all of the shirts you bring. I have been loving the color gray lately, so I found this great set of suit options from Banana Republic. They are a neutral gray color (but also come in black and taupe), don’t wrinkle, and are very cute and versatile.  The pants and skirt work for most job situations, but there is a matching suit jacket that you can bring if need be.  Bring a few coordinating tops, some cute shoes, and nice jewelry and you are good to go!


  1. These are great tips because it helps with shoes! Shoes are the big bulky items that always get me in trouble. But if it’s all the same color scheme it gets cut down by like half.

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