Answering Readers’ Questions: Can I wear boots to the airport?

I recently received this question from a reader:

Now that fall is coming, and cooler temperatures with it, I am ready to pull out my boots. I have several pairs of knee high boots, and since they are comfortable would like to wear them while traveling. Is this a good idea?

Hmmmmm. This is a great question! I, too, am ready to wear my boots. (Of course, the cooler temps have not yet visited us here in Texas.) On the one hand, it makes sense to wear them while traveling because if you packed them, they would take up a lot of room in your suitcase. They are also warm, incredibly cute, and when it’s snowing outside may be the only option. On the other hand, they are not super easy to get on and off and so could hold up the security line.

If (and this is a big “if”!) you are very adept at taking them off, and they don’t require a lot of lacing or buckles, I say go for it. It may help to practice taking them off while standing, so that you are prepared to do it quickly and easily. Just make sure that you pick them up, along with all of your other stuff, after the security line and take them to the bench to put back on. You don’t want to make people wait while you balance on one foot trying to zip up!

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