Packing Tips: Tips for Your Delicates

When I was researching how to properly pack my underthings, I found a lot of information about what not to do, but not a lot about what to do. (Apparently folding your bras and shoving them into a small pocket is on the “What Not To Do List. Oops.) So I spoke to a friend that works at a local store specializing in  undergarments, and here is her packing advice.

Take nude bras. They work under (almost) everything and you don’t need to pack as many since you can wear them with multiple outfits.  The only reason to wear black is if you’re going to be photographed in a black top (nude will  show from the flash).

Bring non-molded bras. They will travel more easily and take up less space.  Wear the molded bra if you need one of that type, it’s just trickier to pack.  For frequent travelers, I suggest non-molded bras and a pair of silicone nipple covers to give the molded effect without the bulk in your suitcase.

How to pack molded bras. If you do have to pack a molded bra, always leave it spread out, as opposed to stuffing one cup inside the other.  Some people twist the center so they can stack the cups without having to invert one of them.  I’ll admit, I’ve used that method in the past, but it really isn’t good for the bra.  The fabric in the center just isn’t made to do that and the last thing you want when you’re traveling is for the bra to rip.  So, leave them spread out, stacking one on top of the other if needed.  Pack socks, underwear, leggings, or similar items inside the cup to keep their shape.  I usually place them between two stacks of clothes in my suitcase.

Washing your bras. Short trips don’t usually involve washing bras, but I always take a small sample of lingerie wash, just in case.  Any shop that sells lingerie wash should have samples they give away- save them for travel!  The best option is a “rinse free” wash that you just put in the sink, soak the bras, then drain the water.  And be aware of the climate where you’re staying- bras won’t dry overnight in humid climates.

One more option. They make cute lingerie bags that you can pack undies in that have two zippered pouches- one for dirty and one for clean.  I organize my suitcase differently, but it’s one way to keep things a little more, um,  private if your bag gets searched.

Readers, let me know if you have any questions about packing your delicates and I will get answers for you! And as always, additional tips are welcome as well.


  1. I just returned from a 2-wk trip to Italy, and I did pack a molded bra. I used a plastic container that my recent purchase of strawberries came in–about the 1-pound size. I inverted one cup inside the other and fit the bra into the plastic container. Nothing got squished.

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