And the winner is……

Erin! Her “stickiest travel situation” was tricky indeed, as well as pretty funny. She was randomly selected from all of the entries using the random number generator at She will receive a Kindle and a Mitchum stick, courtesy of Mitchum’s “Love Thy Pits” campaign. Thanks Mitchum!! And thanks, Readers, for sharing your worst travel stories.

Erin’s story:

Back when I was 27, my boyfriend, two of his friends and myself decided to go to Europe for a month. We were planning on traveling as cheaply as possible, had rail passes for the whole time there and were planning on making use of hostels as much as possible.

Well he proceeded to really piss me off, almost immediately upon landing, so the whole trip instead of being boyfriend and girlfriend, we were just unfortunate roomates.

It was either that or I was going to have to bunk in with one or the other of his male friends because none of us could afford single rooms. So for a whole month we shared the same bed, all the while barely speaking to one another.

I managed to have a decent trip because really who wouldn’t when you’re in Europe for the first time. But coming back and going through customs, the one thing that I had forgotten until the custom agent pulled them out of my suitcase were two very large baggies filled with my unused contraceptive sponges. Since obviously, I hadn’t needed them at all.

So as I stood there watching him holding one in either hand, up in the air and peering at them, all thirty of them, curiously. And then looking over at me.

I just knew that everyone in line behind me was pitying me for having such high expectations for my sex life and obviously having it fall well short.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have thrown them away before going to the airport or left them somewhere that maybe someone could have used them, even if they were expensive.


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