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Beauty Monday: Indulge with a bath bomb

a donut on a towel next to a faucet

Every week Road Warriorette features a beauty product that makes traveling easier. Do you have a favorite? Send it to RoadWarriorette @ With delayed flights, time away from loved ones, and packed schedules, business trips are not conducive to relaxation. That’s why a traveler should be prepared to seize the opportunity if it arises! A…

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Posts from the past

a blue suitcase with pink text

What was going on this week in years past? 2013 This travel tip can be done with just a little bit of  planning. If you lose something while traveling which of these items would you prefer be the one you lose?  Cell Phone, Wallet, Suitcase, or Toiletries. 2012 Flying doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  Here’s how to make your flight…

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Should airline loyalty programs be regulated?

a gavel on a stand

Oh, the lovely world of federal regulations.  Sometimes we love them and sometimes hate them.  Congressman Grayson, a democrat out of Florida, has asked the U.S. Department of Transportation to investigate the airlines’ frequent-flyer program policies.   He specifically wants the length of notice given to frequent flyers when a program is changed investigated.  The DOT…

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TSA Blunders

cartoon character with a bubble

Normally when I write posts with titles about airport security, it’s usually the TSA that has made some ridiculous mistake. Alas, this time it was me.  It’s like I had never flown before in my life! Since we were going to be in Las Vegas for a couple of days before the conference started, we…

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Jack Rogers Chantel Ballet Flats

a brown leather shoe with a bow

Each week Road Warriorette features a clothing item that is great for business travel. Do you have a favorite? Send it to RoadWarriorette @ Ever since I saw the Lily Jade Madison convertible bag on Putting Me Together (and all of the other lovely Lily Jade bags) I’ve been obsessed with cognac accessories. I’ve…

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