Top 3 Suitcases Under $150

samsoniteWhen buying a suitcase I really think you should buy the best you can afford. Luckily for those on tighter budgets there are some fantastic suitcases under $150. I have personal experience with all three of these brands and can vouch for their quality. They are also highly recommended by readers.

Ogio Layover. I had an earlier version of this bag and carried it all over the globe, for hundreds of thousands of miles, over eight years. I finally wore it the heck out. It’s high quality, will fit an incredibly amount of clothes, and is very easy to maneuver. However, it is right on the edge of being airline-approved, so be careful not to overstuff it. Available in black on Amazon for $122 and on eBags in some prints for $157.

Samsonite DK3 Spinner 21. (Pictured.) Now I’ve used Samsonite before and really like them, but readers loooove this bag. Anytime I do any kind of luggage roundup and leave it off I get so many emails! So here it is. Readers say it is super light, easy to maneuver, and fits into virtually any overhead bin. It’s available in a ton of colors on Amazon, ranging from $108-135.

Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable 21” Spinner. Another perennial reader favorite. I love Travelpro for budget-friendly, solid bags. Readers like how well the wheels move and how much the inside holds. Available on Amazon in black for $101 and on eBags in purple and blue for $100 with code SPRING.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another budget-friendly reader favorite: the Kirkland suitcases from Costco. Although you may pay shipping if you can’t find it the store!

Readers, what are your favorite budget-friendly suitcases?


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