3 small tricks to make business travel easier

This week’s post is about three small scale changes that will make business travel SO much easier. But first….

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who filled out the survey last week. I got a ton of valuable feedback and information about what you all need help on, and have mapped out content for the next six months and beyond. Y’all are the best!

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3 tricks to make business travel easier

a red bag on top of a suitcaseYou know, the entire purpose of Road Warriorette is simplifying business travel for new road warriors. There are hundreds of posts about big topics like packing, etiquette, and helpful gear.

Today I want to share three smaller scale tricks to make business travel easier. They may not be obvious if you’re a newbie, but they’re super easy to implement and will have a real impact on your business trips.

Number 1: Get a personal item with a trolley strap

Have you ever struggled to carry your purse or briefcase on top of your suitcase? We’ve all been there, and a trolley sleeve will fix it in an instant. (It’s also known as a trolley strap or luggage strap). It allows you to simply slip your personal item over the handle of your carry-on and stroll around the airport, down the airplane aisle, and anywhere else you need to take your luggage. Once you get a bag with a trolley strap you will seriously wonder why you waited so long. It is that helpful.

Unfortunately plenty of bags that bill themselves as “travel-friendly” don’t have trolley straps. A few of my favorites that do have them are the Travelpro Platinum Elite Women’s Travel Briefcase (pictured), the Kenneth Cole Runway Call Tote, and anything from Lo & Sons.

Number 2: Download the right apps

I just love a good, useful app, especially when I’m on the road. Of course I use Facebook, Twitter, and my mail apps, but beyond those there are a few apps make my trips easier or more fun. It’s even better when they’re free! Here are the apps I use the most often:

Waze. Apple maps is good, but Waze is really, really good for directions, routes, and traffic.

TripIt. Manage all of your reservations in one simple (free!) app. Last year I upgraded to the pro version and it has all kinds of handy features for around $4 per month.

White Noise Free. Block out loud hotel noises and sleep like a baby with this free app. I’ve used it on every trip for the last nine years and it is amazing. It also works great with headphones when you’re trying to sleep during flights.

Kindle app. If you don’t feel like buying a Kindle and you don’t mind reading for hours on a backlit screen, the Kindle app is free and you can still access free library books.

Flightaware. Track your incoming flight. Comes SO MUCH in handy when delays are stacking up.

A few of my other favorites:

Number 3: Use a checklist

Even if you’ve been traveling regularly for years it’s still helpful to have a list. Otherwise you will forget something important, like your wallet, or your passport, or your flash drive. (Unfortunately I know all of this from personal, excruciating experience during my decade-plus on the road.) With a list you’ll feel confident you have everything you need, so you can focus on excelling at work. If you don’t have one yet, sign up for the Road Warriorette newsletter and get my FREE Business Travel Packing List.

Readers, what is your suggestion for one small change to make business travel way easier?


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