Travel safety

FAA to relax ban on use of electronic devices

Good news? Bad news? Depends. The FAA (according to Fox News) is going to relax the restrictions on using some personal electronic devices on runways and at low altitudes. Examples given were eReaders, cell phones (in airplane mode), and tablets. Frequent fliers get very frustrated with the ridiculous rules and varying degrees of strictness, so…

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What was important last year?

Boy, there was a lot going on last August! Travel Safety: The Hotel Edition gave a roundup of tips for staying safe in a hotel room. Some readers thought they were excessive, but IMO better safe than sorry! There were a lot of discussions about etiquette, especially remembering to watch your bags as you go…

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What Was Important a Year Ago?

Wow, July just flew by. Can’t believe it will be August next week! Looking back at posts from a year ago, it’s pretty obvious what was on my mind…, etiquette, and clothes! I was in the middle of my healthy eating “life change” and struggling to figure out how to eat well while traveling. Even…

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