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Is it possible to dress professionally for a physical job?

Recently, a discussion sprang up in the comments of my favorite blog, Corporette. The question was: If you have a job with physical requirements, such as moving boxes, lifting things, standing on step-ladders, etc, is it still possible to dress professionally? I think it absolutely is possible. Are there challenges? Of course! Can you wear…

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Top Five Secrets About Business Travel

Secret #1: It’s not glamorous. At all. No matter how much George Clooney makes it seem like it is. First class seats. Expense accounts. Exotic locations. George Clooney. Uh, no. Try cramped coach seats, paying for a pillow and blanket, eating room service at 1am because your flight was delayed, visiting Cornelia, Georgia AGAIN (where…

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Sponsored Poll: What’s the Most Important Amenity in a Hotel?

In support of the current “Country Means Business” promotion, Road Warriorette will be featuring a weekly sponsored post on behalf of Country Inns & Suites and has been compensated by Country Inns & Suites for her contribution. When deciding where to stay for a business trip, there are multiple considerations. Sometimes you just feel lucky…

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