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Guest Post from Corporette: Top 3 Business Travel Tips

Today’s guest post is from someone who knows business and business travel—Kat Griffin, author of Corporette. She writes about fashion and lifestyle for overachieving ladies, and is one of my most favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for the post, Kat!! There are so many tips for business women on how to travel, that sorting through…

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What was important last year?

Boy, there was a lot going on last August! Travel Safety: The Hotel Edition gave a roundup of tips for staying safe in a hotel room. Some readers thought they were excessive, but IMO better safe than sorry! There were a lot of discussions about etiquette, especially remembering to watch your bags as you go…

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What to Wear to the Airport: A gorgeous skirt from Banana Republic!

Even though it’s still regularly over 100 degrees here in Texas, the fall collections are coming out in stores. Banana Republic has a ton of fabulous fall work clothes on the website right now. A few of my favorites are the gorgeous Julie Belted Sheath in Purple Orchid, the Belted Shift Dress in Dark Grey,…

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Cool Photos from Airplanes

For some people, flying is terrifying. They don’t like heights or confined spaces, so it freaks them out. I have some of those people in my family, and they always make sure to sit in the aisles. This way they have as much room as possible and don’t have to look out the window. But…

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Guest Post from Finding Drishti: Yoga & Travel: 5 postures to undo plane stiffness

My name is Terri, and I write a yoga blog at Since Road Warriorette and I share yoga-ing, traveling and now mommy-ing in common, she asked me to write a guest post while she is snuggling and bonding with her new baby. Being a seasoned business traveler myself, I began my yoga practice around…

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Business Travel 101: Making Travel Easier (Revisited)

Two years ago, I ran a series of posts called Business Travel 101. The goal was to introduce a novice traveler to the secrets of frequent travel, making the transition to expert as painless as possible. I’ve re-tooled the series, and now it’s more comprehensive than ever! It covers everything a new business traveler needs…

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