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America Commutes

Everybody loves a good infographic, right?? As part of the contest I did with Contigo last month, they sent me this awesome Infographic. Some highlights: Over 128 million Americans commute to work every day, for an average of 25 minutes each way. Around 90% drive, 5% take public transportation, and another 5% fly. Half a…

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Adventures in air travel

You know the meme that was really popular last year, showing different pictures representing various perspectives of the same thing? What my friends think I do, what my mom thinks I do, etc? (Here’s a link to some funny ones.) I haven’t found a good business travel one (just some not awesome ones) but the…

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Vino Volo at DFW is awesome

When I think of great food, I don’t often think of airports. There are only a handful of places where I’ve had memorable meals, and just a few that I actually look forward to. Most airports are a wasteland of fast food restaurants and lackluster chains. That seems to be changing though. I’ve noticed a…

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