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Nashville was good!

One of the things about working at home (except during travel) is that you don’t see your coworkers that often. There are people I work with that, although I have meetings with them weekly, haven’t seen in person in over a year. This can get a little bit lonely. So that makes work friends that…

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Off to Nashville

Tomorrow bright and early I leave for Nashville.  Not looking forward to getting up super early, but the flight is only a couple of hours, and it’s direct, so that’s pretty much as easy as it can be.  I will be home tomorrow night, only a day trip, but I will have time for dinner. …

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Quick Safety Tip

I was perusing the Women Travelers board on FlyerTalk this morning, and read a lengthy discussion about travel safety for women. Most of the requests the posters had are very similar to mine , but there was one new one that I hadn’t heard before that jumped out at me. Whenever I am checking in…

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Find your luggage with the click of a button? Interesting…..

I just got this very interesting link from my mom….What do you guys think? Travel Gear Luggage Locator from EjectIT “If you’ve ever had trouble spotting your luggage, you need this ETA Travel Gear 48871 Luggage Locator! This 48871 Luggage Locator can help you find your luggage with just a press of a button. Easily locate…

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What’s in your purse?

I was talking to a friend after my recent trip to Chicago, and she said to me, “You only take a suitcase and one carry-on bag? How is that possible? What goes in your purse??”  I’ve already told you what I pack in my suitcase for a typical trip, and now, for my friend, I…

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What to wear to the airport

I was recently asked what one should wear to the airport, as opposed to what one should not wear to the airport (see post below). So, in honor of my shirt made of metal, here is what I typically wear to the airport. Comfortable, yet professional slacks, usually black. It’s best if they don’t wrinkle…

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