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Planes and pocketknives

The TSA recently announced they would be allowing pocketknives through airport security and on to planes starting in April. A lot of people are very concerned about the safety repercussions, including the flight attendant unions and some members of Congress. I have tried to stay away from the pocketknife controversy because, honestly, it’s been covered…

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Congratulations to the winners of the “I Love Office Supplies” Twitter Contest!

The winners have won an Arc Compact notebook, AvantPro pen, and Relay Micro USB Flash Drive. Congrats!! Here are the messages from the lucky tweeps:   @roadwarriorette two conferences in two different cities this summer!#StaplesMakesTravelEasy — Henry Mensch (@henare) March 15, 2013 @roadwarriorette I’m headed to Phoenix in two weeks then St Louis next month#StaplesMakesTravelEasy…

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Crafty Travel

Crafting is one of my favorite things. I love knitting, sewing, papercrafts, and just making stuff in general. Pre-baby, I spent many hours learning and honing new crafts. But as a full time working mom, not to mention a road warriorette, there just aren’t nearly enough hours in the day. Finding time to get my…

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I Love Office Supplies: Giveaway!

So you’ve read my review of the Arc Compact Notebook, AvantPro pen, and Relay Micro USB flash drive, and now you’re wondering: How can I get my hands on these awesome items from Staples? Well of course, there is the old fashioned way—ordering off the website. Or you could participate in the Twitter contest to…

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I Love Office Supplies: Arc Notebook and AvantPro pen review

As I may have mentioned before a time or two, I love office supplies. I can happily spend hours wandering around an office supplies store, looking at notebooks, calendars, stationary, pens, etc. The possibilities while flipping through a clean notebook feel endless! Because of this, when Staples approached me about reviewing some travel-friendly office supplies…

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Awesome travel product: Contigo Addison water bottle

I looooove water. It is my favorite beverage, hands down. For years I bought cases of bottled water to enjoy. However, several years ago I became cognizant of how wasteful bottled water is, and started using a water filter (my current favorite is by PUR). The next item I needed to find—a refillable water bottle.…

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