4 Packing Myths Debunked

a group of colorful bottles

A few weeks ago I was on a business trip eating dinner with a colleague, and the conversation turned to packing. “I see all of these people traveling with their little carry-ons, and I can’t figure out for the life of me how they fit everything they need in there! Where do their shoes go?…

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Packing a suit without wrinkles

a close-up of a suitcase

Is it possible to bring suits on a business trip without getting them wrinkled? Reader B asks…. Help RW! I have to wear suits every day on my work trips but can’t figure out how to pack them without wrinkling. Do you have any suggestions? A few wrinkles may be inevitable, but there are definitely…

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Packing for a business trip during a snowstorm

a collage of clothes and accessories

In the Road Warriorette household, we are obsessed with weather. Every morning while the Mini Warrior is eating breakfast and getting ready for school we watch The Weather Channel. My six-year old can recite facts about storm clouds, hurricanes, and daytime heating like other kids talk about dinosaurs. These days TWC is talking about all…

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5 Helpful Power Devices for Business Travel

a close up of a power strip

There’s not much more frustrating on a business trip than rushing through airport security to make a conference call, sitting down to dial in, and realizing your phone is about to die.  Whatever the reason—a low performing battery, lack of plug availability, or missing a plug converter in a foreign country—device charging is something business…

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