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Road Warriorette Gift Guide 2010

a close-up of a red leather book

It is that time of year again! The frantic busy-ness of the holiday season can drive even the most organized soul into freaking their freak. I am definitely not the most organized soul, so I am halfway to the crazy house already. Hopefully, this gift guide will give you some ideas for your favorite Road…

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Business Travel 101: Packing the Suitcase

Business Travel 101 is a weekly series about making that first business trip as easy and successful as possible. Packing, security, comfort, and etiquette are all factors that, with a little planning, can contribute to a smooth and efficient trip. If you think of a topic I should include, email me at RoadWarriorette@gmail.com. One of…

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Are Women Business Travelers Treated Differently?

I am often asked if I am treated differently when traveling because I am a woman. Do I feel pressure to fit into a man’s world, especially as so few business travelers are female? The first thing I do is correct whoever I am speaking to. Women make up almost half of business travelers, and…

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Busines Travel 101: Making Travel Easier

Recently, I have had two conversations with two different people. The first conversation, a month or so ago, was with my mom. “Why don’t you do  an intro to business travel thing on your blog?” she said.  Then, more recently, I was asked what my best tips are for making travel easier. With that, the…

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Fifteen Minute Hotel Room Workout

a woman stretching in a hotel room

Sunday night Home Warrior and I went over to his brother’s house to watch the Cowboys game. At some point, I started paging through my sister-in-law’s August copy of Real Simple. I have to say, I love Real Simple. Not only do they include cute, affordable clothes (often that are great for traveling), in this…

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Answering Readers’ Questions: Can I wear boots to the airport?

a pair of brown boots

I recently received this question from a reader: Now that fall is coming, and cooler temperatures with it, I am ready to pull out my boots. I have several pairs of knee high boots, and since they are comfortable would like to wear them while traveling. Is this a good idea? Hmmmmm. This is a…

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Guest Post: Travel Shoes for Happy Feet

a grey boot with a knitted sock

Today’s guest post is from Nicky Warner, a young professional who believes in working hard and looking good. She loves writing and blogging, and always has something to say about the latest workwear and fashion trends. Follow Nicky on Twitter @Dressed4Success. Whether I’m on a business trip or heading to my favourite holiday destination, I…

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Answering Readers’ Questions: What counts as a personal bag when flying?

a red purse with silver buckles

I recently got an interesting question from a reader: I’m going on my first business trip next month. I know I am going to carry-on, and my the first bag is a rollerboard. My question is, what exactly counts as that second, “personal” bag? A laptop bag? A shoulder bag? Or does it have to…

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